Subnautica Seabases Guide – Building and Management, Module Upgrades, Hull Integrity

Subnautica Seabases will be extremely important as they are essentially mobile versions of your life Pod. There is a lot of stuff you can do within the Pod and a lot of upgrades that you can make.

There are a lot of complications that can arise with the Seabases. However, there are also a lot of accessibility options offered to you by the Seabases.

This Subnautica Seabases Guide will outline a lot of different avenues of the Seabases and how you can utilize them to their maximum potential. You need a Habitat Builder to make it. Once you have made that, you can even make a seabase on land. Also, don’t forget to check out our PC Console Commands Guide.

Subnautica Seabases

One thing you need to know is that as long as you can supply power to the seabase, the oxygen will automatically be generated and provided to you. You can also save your inventory whenever you move into your Seabase.

This Subnautica Guide will take a look at how can you build your very own Seabase. After that, we will take a look at how does the Hull Integrity work when the bases are built in the sea. We will also cover how the Power works in Seabases followed by a comprehensive overview of the modules that can exist within your Seabase.

How to Make and Manage a Seabase

Once you have found a place to build your very own Seabase, take out your Habitat Builder and bring out the Crafting Menu. Once you have done that, select the desired module and aim towards the building place that you have selected.

Now you can try and rotate the base to fit your liking and the way in which you feel that it would be best protected. Once you are satisfied, place the module and then finish the building process. After this, you have to simply repeat the process for each room that you decide to build within the Seabase.

Providing Power to your Seabase

You can provide power to your Seabase by building generators. Energy from your Seabase will be drained by a plethora of appliances, so you will need ample power to get the full use of the base out of it.

The four kinds of generators that you can build are Bioreactors, Nuclear Reactors, Solar Panels and Thermal Plants. Both the Bioreactors and the Nuclear Reactors are built in multipurpose rooms.

As for the appliances that drain energy from your base, it can be anything which needs the energy to work such as Chargers, Fabricators, Modification Stations, Water Filtration Machines, Lights, Moonpools and Scanner Rooms.

Hull Integrity and Module Upgrades

Water will exert pressure on your base, and the integrity of your hull refers to the ability of your base to bear that pressure. Modules may lower or increase the integrity, although most of them will lower it. The more depth at which the base is built, the more effective each module will have on the integrity of the Hull.

You can increase the Hull Integrity by building reinforcement panels, using foundations or installing bulkheads. You can also alternatively build your base on land to avoid this altogether.

If your integrity rating falls below zero, there will be hull breaches and water will start to flood your base. This will be an extra nuisance so you need to avoid having a low Hull Integrity at all costs.

Module Upgrades and their Effects on Hull Integrity

Modules Description Hull Integrity
Alien Containment Better conditions for Flora and Fauna 0
Bulkhead Structural support and can stop water flow (+2HP). +2.0
Basic Compartment Basic tubular compartment (-1HP). -1.0
Glass Compartment Basic glass-walled compartment (-2HP). -2.0
L Compartment L-shaped compartment (-1HP). -1.0
L Glass Compartment L-shaped glass compartment (-2HP). -2.0
T Compartment T-shaped compartment (-1HP). -1.0
X Compartment X-shaped compartment (-1HP). -1.0
Foundation Reinforced habitat foundation (+2HP). +2.0
Hatch Needed to enter base (-1HP). -1.0
Ladder Joins two floors. 0
Wall Planter Decoration Piece 0
Moonpool Vehicle docking bay (-5HP). -5.0
Multipurpose Room Basic room (-1.25HP). -1.25
Observatory Look at the ocean life around you (-3HP). -3.0
Reinforcement Increases hull strength (+7HP). +7.0
Scanner Room Scanner Room. -1
Spotlight Fixed Light 0
Vehicle Upgrade Console Build this in the moonpool to upgrade docked vehicles. 0
Vertical Connector Vertical base connector (-0.5HP). -0.5
Water Filtration Machine Separates water and salt. -1.0
Window Observatory window (-1HP). -1.0

That is all we have for our Subnautica Seabases Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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