Subnautica Blueprints Guide – Blueprints List, Where to Find

By   /   Feb 2, 2018
Subnautica Blueprints Guide

Subnautica Blueprints are very important in Subnautica as they allow you to build almost everything. Without blueprints, you cannot survive for long periods and you will definitely not be able to advance your technology and make survival easier through the course of the game.

This Subnautica Blueprints Guide will comprehensively mention all of the blueprints that are found in the game and tell you how you can pick them up.

This will allow you to narrow your search for those blueprints rather than aimlessly wandering around trying to figure out where the blueprint fragments are located. Also, don’t forget to check out our Seasbases Guide.

Subnautica Subnautica

A lot of the blueprints are already loaded onto your PDA and thus, you will not need to search for any of those. To access all of those blueprints, all you need to do is to go to your PDA and then move over to the Blueprints section.

However, the majority of the blueprints in the game will not be available to you at the start. For this reason, we will guide you on where to locate certain blueprints and whether they are found in fragments or in some other form.

These blueprints will definitely make you upgrade your bases faster and add more stuff to them which can help you survive easily.

Blueprints List

BlueprintFound InTab
Enameled GlassCyclops Blueprint

Observatory Blueprint

Basic Materials
Fiber MeshCreepvine SampleBasic Materials
LubricantCreepvine Seed ClusterBasic Materials
Plasteel IngotCyclops Blueprint

Observatory Blueprint

Prawn Suit Blueprint

Basic Materials
AerogelGel SackAdvanced Materials
BenzeneBlood OilAdvanced Materials
Hydrochloric AcidDeep ShroomAdvanced Materials
PolyanilineDeep ShroomAdvanced Materials
Synthetic FibersBlood OilAdvanced Materials
Cyclops BridgeFragmentsCyclops
Cyclops HullFragmentsCyclops
Cyclops EngineFragmentsCyclops
Grav TrapFragmentsDeployables
Mobile Vehicle BayFragmentsDeployables
Power CellBatteryElectronics
Advanced Wiring KitComputer ChipElectronics
CompassData BoxesEquipment
High Capacity O₂ TankStandard O₂ TankEquipment
Lightweight High Capacity TankModification StationEquipment
Radiation SuitAurora ExplosionEquipment
Reinforced Dive SuitFragmentsEquipment
RebreatherCreepvine SampleEquipment
Ultra Glide FinsModification StationEquipment
Ultra High Capacity TankModification StationEquipment
Swim Charge FinsModification StationEquipment
An Unusual DollFragmentsMiscellaneous
Power TransmitterFragmentsExterior Modules
Thermal PlantFragmentsExterior Modules
Exterior GrowbedFragmentsExterior Modules
FloodlightFragmentsExterior Modules
SpotlightFragmentsExterior Modules
Interior GrowbedFragmentsInterior Modules
Basic Plant PotFragmentsInterior Modules
Plant ShelfFragmentsInterior Modules
Modification StationFragmentsInterior Modules
Composite Plant PotFragmentsInterior Modules
Chic Plant PotFragmentsInterior Modules
Power Cell ChargerFragmentsInterior Modules
Battery ChargerFragmentsInterior Modules
Reactor RodNuclear ReactorElectronics
Multipurpose RoomFragmentsBase Pieces
ObservatoryFragmentsBase Pieces
MoonpoolFragmentsBase Pieces
Scanner RoomFragmentsBase Pieces
Water Filtration MachineFragmentsInterior Pieces
BulkheadFragmentsInterior Pieces
Vehicle Upgrade ConsoleFragmentsInterior Pieces
BioreactorFragmentsInterior Pieces
Nuclear ReactorFragmentsInterior Pieces
Alien ContainmentFragmentsInterior Pieces
Basic Double BedFragmentsMiscellaneous
Quilted Double BedFragmentsMiscellaneous
Narrow BedFragmentsMiscellaneous
Swivel ChairFragmentsMiscellaneous
Office ChairFragmentsMiscellaneous
Command ChairFragmentsMiscellaneous
Picture FrameFragmentsMiscellaneous
Bar TableFragmentsMiscellaneous
Trash CanFragmentsMiscellaneous
Nuclear Waste DisposalFragmentsMiscellaneous
Vending MachineFragmentsMiscellaneous
Wall PlanterFragmentsMiscellaneous
Single Wall ShelfFragmentsMiscellaneous
Wall ShelvesFragmentsMiscellaneous
Scanner Room HUD ChipScanner RoomScanner Room
Camera DroneScanner RoomScanner Room
ThermobladeModification StationTools
Pathfinder ToolCreepvine SampleTools
Air BladderBladderfishTools
Laser CutterFragmentsTools
Stasis RifleFragmentsTools
Propulsion CannonFragmentsTools
Repulsion CannonModification StationTools
Light StickFragmentsTools
Depth Module MK1Vehicle Upgrade ConsoleUpgrade Modules
Engine Efficiency ModuleVehicle Upgrade ConsoleUpgrade Modules
Seamoth Solar ChargerVehicle Upgrade ConsoleUpgrade Modules
Storage ModuleVehicle Upgrade ConsoleUpgrade Modules
Seamoth Perimeter Defense SystemVehicle Upgrade ConsoleUpgrade Modules
Torpedo SystemVehicle Upgrade ConsoleUpgrade Modules
Seamoth SonarVehicle Upgrade ConsoleUpgrade Modules
Hull ReinforcementVehicle Upgrade ConsoleUpgrade Modules
Depth Module MK2Vehicle Upgrade ConsoleUpgrade Modules
Depth Module MK3Vehicle Upgrade ConsoleUpgrade Modules
Prawn Suit Torpedo ArmFragmentsUpgrade Modules
Vortex TorpedoFragmentsUpgrade Modules
Prawn Suit Drill ArmFragmentsUpgrade Modules
Prawn Suit Propulsion CannonFragmentsUpgrade Modules
Prawn Suit Jump Jet UpgradeVehicle Upgrade ConsoleUpgrade Modules
Prawn Suit Thermal ReactorVehicle Upgrade ConsoleUpgrade Modules
Cyclops Depth Module MK1FragmentsUpgrade Modules
Cyclops Depth Module MK2CyclopsUpgrade Modules
Cyclops Shield GeneratorCyclopsUpgrade Modules
Cyclops Sonar UpgradeCyclopsUpgrade Modules
Cyclops Fire Suppression SystemCyclopsUpgrade Modules
Cyclops Decoy Tube UpgradeCyclopsUpgrade Modules
Cyclops Docking Bay Repair ModuleCyclopsUpgrade Modules
Scanner Room Range UpgradeScanner RoomUpgrade Modules
Scanner Room Speed UpgradeScanner RoomUpgrade Modules
Vortex TorpedoVehicle Upgrade ConsoleUpgrade Modules
Gas TorpedoVehicle Upgrade ConsoleUpgrade Modules
Prawn SuitFragmentsVehicles
Filtered WaterBladderfishWater

That is all we have for our Subnautica Blueprints Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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