Star Wars Battlefront 3 Release Uncertain in the Midst of Battlefront 2 Controversy

Star Wars Battlefront 3 release plans are still undecided, according to EA. The company hasn’t planned that far ahead and it is safe to say that Battlefront 2’s loot box controversy has something to do with it.

Battlefront 2 released last year and saw a tremendous amount of backlash due to its loot box monetization model. EA went ahead and included a mobile-style, free to play-like monetization model in $60 game. Due to community backlash, the title failed to meet its sales expectations.

It would be wise for EA to rethink its plans for Star Wars Battlefront 3, whenever that comes out.  EA’s current release cycle puts Battlefront 3 up release sometime in 2019. The company is currently focused on the Star Wars game respawn is working on which should release in a couple of years.

We have not, obviously, announced a product for our fiscal 2020 yet but remember that we have a Star Wars action game that the Respawn team has been working on for the last couple of years. And most likely that would drop in fiscal 2020 versus another Battlefront.

We haven’t decided exactly timing for another Battlefront yet but clearly the next big Star Wars game would be the action game in fiscal 2020

Battlefront 3 may not release before Respawn’s title and this year EA is bringing us a new Battlefield game. There are rumors that the new title is, in fact, Battlefield Bad Company 3. Another report claims that EA is going to handle Battlefield game differently.

There won’t be aggressive microtransactions in the game.

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