Nintendo Switch Sales Could Have Gone Even Better According To Nintendo President

No one could have suspected what a success Nintendo Switch would end up being when the console first released. After setting all-time records on console sales, surpassing Wii U’s and Playstation Vita’s sales in less than a year. This leaves us wondering, could Nintendo Switch sales have gone even better than that?

In the first months of the console’s release, Nintendo struggled with meeting the supply-demand expectations and even though they kept over-delivering, the need for more units was apparent.

According to Wall Street Journal, even though Nintendo tried to ensure that stores were sell-stored during after the summer shortages of units, it wasn’t enough. As Nintendo president, Tatsumi Kimishima revealed: “the company still missed some opportunities during the holidays because demand remains stronger than supply”. Don’t forget though that Nintendo Switch was was the #1 selling product during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Nintendo Switch sales are now up to 14.86 million units worldwide bringing it close to Xbox and Xbox One’s sales. The console can actually reach Gamecube’s sales during its second fiscal year and why not, even surpass it if Nintendo keeps up the good work. Surprisingly, Nintendo expected to sell nearly three million units in the current quarter and was initially targeting 20 million for fiscal 2018, which begins April 1, according to Wall Street Journal.

What’s even more surprising is the fact that all 3 Nintendo Switch console sellers at the moment keep on staying on the global game sale charts. Super Mario Odyssey, being the most recent one has stayed in the charts for 7 weeks, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for 32 weeks and Zelda: Breath of the Wild has stayed strong in the charts for 40 weeks.

Nintendo also shared that the sales of their Nintendo 3DS console are also doing great, with them saying under the finance section of their official site that they’ve shipped 71.99 million units since launch.

Do you think Nintendo Switch Sales will continue rising during its second year after release? What could Nintendo do to boost these numbers even more?

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