Leaked Document Shows Intel Began Notifying Partners Of Meltdown And Spectre Same Day Intel CEO Sold Shares

Meltdown and Spectre have been hitting Intel hard but that has had no effect on the money that the company has made, at least not so far. We talked about the fact that Intel CEO sold $11 million worth of stock and that it could be somehow related with the Meltdown and Spectre issues but then Intel said that the transaction was preplanned and that the CEO was supposed to hold some shared by law.

While that might be the case there is a leaked document that shows that Intel started notifying partners regarding Meltdown and Spectre the same day Intel CEO sold $11 million in Intel shares. Having that said there is still no way of knowing for sure why the CEO did this but this is very shady, to say the least.

It seems that this information was sent to partners under an NDA agreement which could mean that Intel did not want the general public to find out about these flaws, unlike what has happened. It is common knowledge now. Zach Whittaker tweeted about this leaked document and you can read all about it here. The following is what he had to say:

This report (in French) says this leaked document shows Intel began notifying its partners on November 29 of the #Meltdown and #Spectre flaws under a strict non-disclosure agreement. That’s the same day that the Intel CEO sold $11 million in shares.

The source of this information is in French but Google translate should be your friend in this case. He also went on to say that this is very shady even though there is not enough evidence to put the blame on Intel.

There’s no evidence here, that I can tell, of wrongdoing on Intel’s part re: stock sale. The whole thing looks, however, shady as fuck.

All this is very shady indeed and I am sure that Intel PR will be doing all they can in order to “correct” this information. AMD CEO Lisa Su also sold some shares recently and the following is what AMD had to say about that:

Lisa’s sales were either part of a pre-arranged stock plan that was put in place on February 8, 2017 or pursuant to an irrevocable sell-to-cover plan for her tax liability when shares vest.

Let us know what you think about all this and whether or not you think Meltdown and Spectre are the reasons why Intel CEO dumped all that stock.