High Resolution Pictures Of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Have Surfaced

A few days ago some pictures of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake surfaced from the 30th-anniversary exhibition of Final Fantasy in Tokyo. Those pictures were really blurry so we couldn’t see much. Thankfully, now some really good quality pictures have surfaced up.

This is courtesy of Shademp, a Lifestream forum user. Until the Square Enix publishes the pictures this is closest to a High-resolution set you are gonna get. These pictures were taken at Mori Art Center Gallery in the Roppongi Hills complex, Tokyo.

The pictures are quite reasonable and one can distinguish a lot of specific and interesting details of many locations and character artwork of Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge.

The Game Final Fantasy 7 has been under development for quite some time now and although we might not get a release date for the game anytime soon. The game producer has given some updates regarding the development, Famitsu producer Yoshinori Kitas said that the development is going really smooth.

Also, due to the leak that came forward, we know that Final Fantasy 7 remake will be consisting of three episodes. The first Episode will hopefully be launching by the end of 2019.

Some other details also came with the leak; like the players will be able to visit the forgotten city at any time they want. Also due to some space reasons, the displacement of some locations like Midgar, Junon, Mt.Corel, Great Glacier has slightly been altered.

You can check out the pictures and get a little idea of how the game might be. Even though there isn’t much other than the discussed details that we can gather from the pictures these are the best we have unless the official pictures come through. For now, they serve as a little hope for the fans.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake will launch exclusively for PlayStation 4.