You Can Pre-Order Final Fantasy XV on PC for $37.49, 25% Off

The upcoming action role-playing game Final Fantasy XV is soon going to be available on Windows this year in March. You can pre-order right here (use coupon code: 25OFFFFXV) for a discounted price of $37.49.

The developers of this game Square Enix really outdid it this time with all the new graphics and a new storyline. Final Fantasy XV is an open world game which is set out in the world of Eos. Complete different quests and perform various tasks to upgrade your abilities.

The story of the game is that Players will take the role of Noctis the main protagonist of the game who lives in the City of Insomnia. He along with his companions of three Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto set out on a journey in the world of Eos. Noctis is set to reclaim his throne which was taken from him by the Empire of Niflheim when they attacked during the peace ceremony. His job is to acquire the weapons of Lucii (ancient king of Lucis) so that he can rescue the crystal and get his throne back.

The world of Eos is massive as it covers different cities which you can travel to. You can either travel by foot or in a car Regalia or on Chocobos (fictional birds used in the Final Fantasy series). You can also fast travel to places that have been unlocked in the game. Minute details are also focused like you have to refuel Regalia at the petrol stations or stay at hotels and inns for resting.

Side quests are also acquired by NPC’s (non-playable characters) when you travel to towns. Choices appear as you communicate with NPC’s that will reflect the quest. Two modes are also available Easy and Normal which you can change during the game. In Easy mode, you can revive Noctis if he is defeated in a battle.

In Final Fantasy XV, Players can switch between weapons and magical abilities as well. First, we will talk about weapons then magic. Noctis has a variety of different weapons which can are accessible. Two-handed weapons including swords, axes also firearms can be accessed easily. Magic, on the other hand, is divided into two categories i.e Elemancy and Arcana. Noctis and his companions are able to tap into this ability but Arcana can only be accessed by Noctis once he acquired the Ring of Lucii.

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