The New Dragon Age Will Be Having Live Elements, Casey Hudson Confirms

When the next iteration to the fantasy role-playing video game Dragon Age will come, among many incredible new things it will also be supporting live elements.

Given the current attitude Electronic Arts has with Microtransactions, it is no shock and multiple rumors and speculations have come to surface already that whether there will be live elements in the next Dragon Age.

Producer Casey Hudson has made few things clear to the community waiting for the next Dragon Age that the game will have a main focus on the story and its characters and the players will be really pleased to see the results because the development team has been working really hard.

Although he confirmed that the game will have live elements but these will be present in order to give the game a continuation to its story after the main lead story is finished. For specific details, he said it would be too early to say something.

If you all remember the controversies that surrounded the Battlefront 2 regarding the Microtransactions; well the CEO of Electronic Arts Andrew Wilson said that EA believes in Microtransactions and if they are done right then they are really great for the players and the company.

For players microtransactions help give them a better gameplay with more interesting stuff to keep them occupied in the games.

On the other hand for the company, it helps them better understand their players with their feedbacks that are used to enhance the gameplay. Also, microtransactions financially help the company a lot to able to spend on that specific game as well.

The next Dragon Age game has not been announced officially. Although there does seem to be some kind of movement in regards to the production of the game. Mike Laidlaw the former creative director of BioWare just after leaving did mention that there is something happening in the development sector with Dragon Age.

The last Dragon Age game that came out was Dragon Age: Inquisition which had one of the most successful launches in the history of BioWare. For that reason, EA seems to be quite confident for the next one.