Here Is What We Want From XUR When He Visits Destiny 2 (2/2/2018)

Every week XUR comes to Destiny 2 and each week he appears at a different place on one of the planets. However, the reason why everyone waits for him is that he brings different Exotics every week which he sells for Legendary Shards to guardians so that they can fight more efficiently against their enemies.

However, XUR sometimes doesn’t bring the desired Exotic for some players and those players are left wishing to get their hands on their favorite exotic gear and here we will discuss and list all the exotics that players want XUR to bring with himself tomorrow.

Destiny 2 – What We Wat From XUR

Destiny 2 is all about collecting the right gear that suits your play style and wrecking your enemies. Exotics are the best gear that the game has to offer and there are many ways to acquire them and one of them is Through XUR who arrives every week.

However, he doesn’t bring every desired exotic gear every week and here are the Exotics we want XUR to bring the next time he arrives in Destiny 2.

Orpheus Rig
Let’s start with the Orpheus Rig, a hunter leg armor. Guardians in Destiny 2 who belong to the Hunter Class have been waiting for XUR to bring the Orpheus Rig, hunter leg armor, and it is a very useful Exotic.

Now the reason why this exotic gear is so in demand among the Hunters is its ability called “Uncanny Arrows”. What this ability does is that each enemy that is tethered by the Shadowshot Anchors it will recharge melee, grenades, and even your super ability.

The way it works is that if you use the Shadowshot Anchors in a crowd of enemies let’s say there are 8 or so enemies together in a public event, use the Shadowshot Anchors on them and each enemy tethered will recharge you Super Ability and using it in a bigger crowd will result in an instant recharge.

The way it recharges is that each time an enemy is tethered, it creates a light orb which recharges the Super. Not only these Hutner armor legs can be used to instantly charge your super but, the light orbs created can also recharge the super for your teammates.

The Wardcliff Coil
The Wardcliff Coil is also one of the most sought-after Exotic weapons in Destiny 2 that we would like XUR to sell more often. Also, there is a reason why this particular Exotic weapon is so much in demand and players flock instantly in the hopes of XUR bringing it with him.

The Wardcliff Coil is a very powerful weapon as it depletes around 75% of the health of Centurians and the like in just one hit. Technically, it doesn’t do it in one hit as it fires a volley of rockets that obilerate the enemies.

Furthermore, this weapon has a perk called “Mechanized Autoloader”. What this perk does is that if you fire a volley of rockets using this weapon and just pick up heavy ammo, this results in the guardian skipping the reload animation and The Wardcliff Coil is reloaded instantly to fire another volley of rockets and you can do it is multiple successions.

However, you have to deal with the massive recoil and Guardians will also run slow while equipping it.

Actium War Rig
Actium War Rig is a Titan Chest Armor and an Exotic one that players who play as Titans want to get their hands on it and want XUR to bring it with him.

The reason why Actium War Rig is so much in demand among the Titans is the “Auto-Loading Link” perk. What this perk does is that, while you are shooting with your assault rifle the perk steadily reloads a portion of the magazine without any reload animation.

For example, if you are using “Sweet Bussiness” which has a magazine of 99 rounds, after firing approximately 50-60 bullets the park will add 30 more bullets or so from your reserves to your magazine making Sweet Bussiness shoot constantly until your reserve is depleted.

However, the best case scenario for the use of this Chest ARmor is with Sweet Bussiness and in case you are using Rally Barricade and sit behind it, then you don’t even reload as the barricade constantly reloads the entire magazine and skips the reload animation making you obsolete until your bullet reserve is depleted.

Winter’s Guile
Winter’s Guile is another Exotic that Guardians want XUR to bring with him next time and there are a couple of reasons for that. The first reason is the Void Walker Class Ability while equipping Winter’s Guile.

The Void Walker class ability with this Exotic gauntlet will grant the player full HP if he/she melee kills an enemy.

Not only this, following the kill the Guardian will have a 9 second time in which if he/she kills another enemy with a melee attack, or gun, or grenade, will also grant him full HP and the timer will reset to 9 seconds. Meaning after the first melee kill just keep killing enemies to keep your health bar full.

Furthermore, Winter’s Guile has a perk called “Warlord’s Sigil”. What this Perk does is that it increases the melee attack damage each time a player kills an enemy using melee.

This perk can only be stacked 4 times, meaning with the first melee kill you will get 100% damage buff to melee attack and the second time will make it 200% and the third time will make the damage buff 300% and the 4rth kill will increase the melee damage to 400%. Doing this and you can kill a Centurion with just one melee attack with all these buffs.

These are the Exotics in Destiny 2 we think XUR should bring with him next time he comes to Destiny 2? Is there any Exotic Item you think should be here? Let us know in the comments.