Retailers Stepping Back from Xbox One Game Pass

This was supposed to happen as with the Xbox One Game Pass now providing new Titles for gamers to try on. Many of the Retailers were founded disturbed as their business was under threat by this menace. Many of the retailers decided not to stock Xbox products from now on.

With that said, Microsoft responded with a more gentle approach saying that maybe few of the retailers felt this way but the majority of them are fine with this. We do have support from most of them.

Retailers argued from their own perspective and maybe they are right that the GamePass is damaging their business. Why would anyone buy a new game from these retailers when they can rent them through Gamepass.

“The response to the news thus far has been positive,” a spokesperson tells ”

Microsoft insisted saying that these retail stores are in the minority while on the other hand GamePass is embraced by other stores. Although there is a bit of crisis for Xbox nowadays the demand for GamePass and the game Sea of Thieves is still strong.

The spokesperson also concluded saying that ” We have a long history of good partnering with the Retailers, and we also believe that they will play a valuable part in the gaming market”.

Another major reason for the decline of Xbox is the Nintendo Switch. Many of the developers as well as retailers are diverting towards Nintendo Switch. As Switch is being sold at an intense rate and has overshadowed Xbox in Spain.

Microsoft needs to pull up their sleeves now and have to come back with something unique in the coming time. As things are just getting interesting right now.

Some major titles that are already available through GamePass are Halo Wars: Definitive Edition, Battlefield 1, Gears of War 4, State of Decay, Mass Effect and more.

So would you prefer Xbox One Game Pass or buy from the Retailers do let us know.