Sapphire RX 550 Pulse Edition Now Features 640 Stream Processors (SPs) For Some Models

Sapphire is one of the significant AIB partners for AMD and it seems that the company is looking to update its RX 550 Pulse edition graphics card with 640 Stream Processors(SPs), this goes for both 4GB and 2GB editions of Sapphire RX 550 Pulse graphics card.

However, it seems that Sapphire will be offering two versions of Spahhire RX 550 Pulse edition in terms of Steam Processors as some are offering 512 SPs while some offer 640 SPs. However, while this upgrade might look good but it comes at a cost.

Sapphire RX 550 Pulse edition graphics card which offers 640 Stream Processors has reduced Boost Engine Clock and Memory Clock. You can compare the specifications in the images below.

While one version of Sapphire RX 550 Pulse Edition will offer 640 stream Processors, but the reduction is other specs will probably yield similar benchmarks for both cards. However, until we test it for ourselves, we can only speculate the impact of the increased Stream Processors and the reduction in Boost Engine Clock and Memory Clock.

Speaking of AMD GPUs, there is a shortage of them in the market, thanks to cryptocurrency miners. However, AMD CEO Lisa Su has admitted the problem and has assured that AMD has increased GPU production to tackle this issue.

She further noted that she expects the demand for Graphics Card to stay strong for the first half of 2018 thanks to Cryptocurrency miners, Su added that it is hard to calculate but, the digital currency mining makes up almost 10% of the company’s annual revenue.

The GPU channel is lower than we would like it to be. So, we are ramping up production. At this point, we’re not limited by Silicon per se, so our foundry partners are supplying us. There are shortages in memory and I think that is true across the board whether you’re talking about GDDR5 or talking about High Bandwidth Memory [HBM].

What is your take on the situation? Will the performance be impacted in a positive way or a negative way? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Sapphire