New Final Fantasy XV Update Ends Assassin’s Creed Festival

Final Fantasy XV update is out that is finally ending the Assassn’s Creed festival. Square Enix and Ubisoft partnered to bring Assassin’s flavor to Final Fantasy. After being in the game for a while, the event has come to an end with the latest update.

The new Final Fantasy XV update is going to take 3.1GB of space on PlayStation 4 and 3.7GB on Xbox One. The title isn’t yet available on PC but when it comes a new Assassin’s Creed event could happen. Here are the patch notes in detail.

Version 1.21

  • Conclusion of the Assassin’s Festival
  • Inclusion of Aranea as a training partner at camp
  • Implementation of a standby option at camp to advance the time of day (“Wait until morning” or “Wait until nightfall”)
  • Addition of new items at Alessio’s trading post in Altissia (see below)
  • Introduction of new drills to the tutorial: Practice Tutorial
  • Fixed the hairstyle for the Episode Ignis crossover outfit
  • “Arts” category for Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto (applies to Character Swap)
  • Various bug fixes

Alessio’s New Items

  • Silver Ore: 2 Oracle Ascension Coins
  • Gold Ore: 2 Oracle Ascension Coins
  • Prismatic Shard: 2 Oracle Ascension Coins
  • Prismatic Ore: 3 Oracle Ascension Coins
  • Mystic Circlet: 60 Oracle Ascension Coins
  • Purified Salt: 60 Oracle Ascension Coins

Final Fantasy XV will soon release on PC, check out the system requirements here. According to Square Enix, Final Fantasy XV PC will release on March 6. It supports many of the features we have come to expect from a PC game.

On a related subject, Final Fantasy remakes could be coming to Nintendo Switch. The company is very interested in working with Nintendo for Switch content. Seeing that the platform has sold exceptionally well, developer support is expected to increase.