Mario Kart is Coming to iPhone and Android Devices Next March

Nintendo just announced that Mario Kart will be available on iPhone and Andriod devices.Well, the Super Mario Series has had a long history. For some, they just might have an emotional connection, so this here is good news for the Mario fans.

The game is scheduled to come through sometime before March 2019. Before this, we have had Super Mario Run, Animal Crossing, and Pokemon Go available on Android and iPhone. If you remember Nintendo has the tendency to really break through its market with such franchises.

Pokemon Go has had a huge success when it got released on mobiles. Its market doubled and became so widely popular that ultimately led to a ban imposed by the Chinese government due to the sheer amount of accidents this game was causing. The issues that the game was some kind of a potential threat to national security, lives of people, property and such.

In simple terms, among many reasons Pokemon Go got banned in China was that based on a report the game was responsible for causing over 100,000 car accidents.  If we break down the damage costs, then we come up with about $500,000 with 37 multiple types of injuries and two deaths caused while people were playing Pokemon Go.

Until recently the ban has been lifted in China and CEO of Niantic Labs John Hanke said he is really optimistic to introduce Mario Kart and games of such type around the globe and especially into China. He believes that China has a lot of opportunities for developing games and users who really like such category of games.

Let’s hope that history does not repeat with Mario Kart and people remain safe on the streets.