Destiny 2: Gods Of Mars Leak May Actually Be Fake, Here’s Why

Did you think that Bungie would give out information about their upcoming DLC for Destiny 2 as easy as to leak its whole store page? Even though the information we got today about Destiny 2: Gods Of Mars seems legit, there are faults in the details that one may not see at first. Unfortunately, the aforementioned leak may be a hoax.

So the news is the following: Reddit user by the name of GodsofMarsLeak posted some interesting information about the next major expansion for Destiny 2, which, according to his sayings was taken from a leak of the Destiny 2: Gods Of Mars store page on Japanese PSN. The screenshots seem real and follow the same pattern as the one Bungie did for Curse of the Osiris but, things don’t add up just yet.

GodsofMarsLeak has only been active since yesterday posting their find to five of the major Destiny subreddits. Furthermore, the description may seem legit to us but for a Japanese native speaker, it looks like it is translated by google translate. PlayStation 4 owners in Japan claim that Sony never uses translators to create game descriptions so that’s a red flag right there. Redditor ZOZOT3 has made some brief notes as to why the description is fake. He says:

I’m a Japanese and I would like to point out that those texts don’t make sense because they are translated by such as google translate. PSN store never released an official description which is done by the translation software. I highly doubt this information.

Also, in the Japanese version, SIVA is called ZIVA, but the description said it’s SIVA. Another suspicious.

He also points out other parts where certain Japanese words are used incorrectly and finally claim that he highly doubts that this source is legit.

After GodofMarsLeak has posted screenshots of the NA Store too (which he coincidentally saw but no one else did) more red flags came up. First of all, the whole concept of Destiny 2: Gods Of Mars seems almost too big to be a DLC. While the plot we read in the description was intriguing, we highly doubt that Bungie would go through such a struggle for a DLC.

Furthermore, the fact that there will supposedly be two new factions added in the game seems kind of fishy since the game almost never gets new enemies, to begin with. Given Bungie’s past with Destiny’s DLC we shouldn’t expect anything of that size.

Last but not least, many claim that the alignment of the description, as well as the fact that it follows the same pattern as Curse of the Osiris, is a red flag by itself. We must say, if this whole leak is a false one then the guy making it is skillful, however, he may have lost the game in the details.

What do you think? Could the Destiny 2: Gods Of Mars Leak actually be a hoax?