CS:GO Dragon Lore Weapon Skin Sold For Over $61,000

CS:GO community is one of the most dedicated gaming communities and is quite passionate about the rare weapon skins like the Dragon Lore Weapon Skin which is most expensive and sought-after weapon skin and guess what? it sold for over $61,000.

Dragon Lore Weapon Skin in CS:GO is the most expensive skin on Steam and there are a few reasons explaining why is that. The first reason for the Dragon Lore Weapon Skin being the most expensive skin is that it is a souvenir skin, and the souvenir skins are only available through Valve-sponsored CS:GO tournaments.

Dragon Lore Weapon Skin is the rarest drop from the Cobblestone Packages and the package itself sells for a little over $30 on Steam Marketplace.

Another reason why this weapon skin sold for $61000 is that this particular skin is factory new and the stickers are unscratched which raises the skin value even further. Also, this skin bears the autograph of Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham.

The Skin was originally purchased for $35,000 by a collector known as Drone. He told Polygon that the $61,000 price tag for this particular skin was the lowest price he was willing to go for. He added that he doesn’t play the game for profits and buying these skins doesn’t affect him financially.

I didn’t originally get into this game solely for profit. I just got very lucky a couple of times, and money is more valuable to different people. I’m very lucky in my financial state to where I can afford to buy these skins and it does not affect me.

However, things could potentially change for CS:GO community at least marketplace wise as a rumor has been making rounds on the internet that Microsoft is looking to buy Valve.

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Source: Polygon