Battlefield To Possibly Make Changes Based On PUBG And Fortnite, It Could Possibly Be Something Huge

EA just had its financial call and many subjects were raised as a part of the discussions. Among them was something interesting. It has come to attention that nothing escapes Electronic Arts eye and this time EA has shown its interest in how the PUBG and Fortnite have made its successes and that they might be using this style in Battlefield.

On the financial call, the subject of Esports was raised to which the company responded that Esports team has been working really hard and has met many targets. According to EA games like FIFA, Madden will continue to excel.

While they were looking at franchises that have excelled revenue-wise, PUBG and Fortnite did not slip from their eyes. According to EA, the PUBG team has introduced a new and innovative style contrary to the way people used to play first-person shooting games.

EA has acknowledged their deliverance and is very respectful the way PUBG team has been taking things along. They too have acknowledged the same success in the Fortnite. EA seems very keen to utilize this new style of first-person shooting globally.

According to EA, a major chunk of global FPS population is interested in this style of the shooting sequence. On that note, EA also has clarified that it will not be making replicas of PUBGs inside Battlefield game. All they want is to improve the gaming style and move it to the contemporary styles that the population prefers.

One thing is for sure, there is never a chance that Electronic Arts would miss if there is a lot of money involved and the way PUBG and Fortnite have been generating revenues it’s no wonder EA would want its game to transform to their style.

With all that said, where EA has intentions to grow, Microsoft also has the intention to take over EA, PUBG, and even Valve. Although this is a rumor yet one can see the desperation of companies when they see the successes of PUBG and Fortnite.

What are your thoughts on EA possibly trying to transform Battlefield keeping PUBG and Fortnite in context?