Anthem Development Going According to Plan, Says EA CEO

After reports (that were later confirmed by EA) that developer BioWare’s new IP Anthem might be facing delays, Electronic CEO Andrew Wilson said during EA’s quarterly earnings call that Anthem’s development is “tracking well’.

When the news first started circulating that Anthem has been delayed and is now is now scheduled for release in early 2019; EA’s stocks started to drop.

However, EA CEO Andrew doesn’t see the 2019 release date as a ‘delay’, saying that EA made the decision based on portfolio and market considerations instead of any actual extra time required from a development point of view.
The decision could also be attributed to past releases and sale numbers such when EA butchered the release date for the well-received Titanfall 2.

Despite EA listening to fans complaints and polishing the game by adding a single player campaign, a deeper multiplayer mode and free downloadable content; with its release being wedged between two massive established FPS franchises Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: WWII, Titanfall 2 wasn’t able to perform as strongly as it should have.
Things however weren’t all that bleak with CEO Andrew Wilson saying in EA’s earnings call that the FIFA and related franchise is doing really well and is proving to be quite profitable for EA.
His statement read:

“FIFA continues to thrive as one of the world’s leading entertainment properties. On console alone, our FIFA franchise had nearly 42 million players during the calendar year, and our FIFA 18 unique player base grew 10% year over year from launch through Q3.

Ultimate Team is more popular than ever across our EA SPORTS titles, and in FIFA Ultimate Team we had 12% more players’ year-over-year from launch through Q3.”

Sales were also strong with other EA franchises like the Battlefield series also pretty well with Battlefield 1 now having more more than 25 million unique player’s life to date and according Andrew, “putting it on a similar growth trajectory as Battlefield 4’s massive community”.

Source: EA