Subnautica Corals Guide – All Corals, Where to Farm

Our Subnautica Corals Guide will focus on different Corals found in the game. These corals are found in various regions and are a vital part of the underwater ecosystem. Apart from adding to the overall ambiance of the game, some can be harvested as well.

Below we have listed all of the Corals found in Subnautica. Some of them are unknown as are not named but we know where they are found so they will be listed in the below table.

Subnautica Corals

Subnautica is now out of Early Access and the full game is out now on Steam. It is an amazing adventure set in a vast and beautiful ocean. It is amazing when it comes to graphics, story, exploration, and gameplay.

Everything is worked on so well that it has put many AAA open-world RPG games to shame. We have been having a blast playing Subnautica and here we have a guide on different Corals that are found in the world of Subnautica.

Below you will find all the corals along with their locations in Subnautica. They are widely scattered in the region they are located in so you will find plenty of them in their specific Biomes. Let us look at some of the corals found in the game.

Brain Coral Brain Coral looks like a purple brain with pores. You can easily distinguish it from other corals by its brain like texture and shape. It is also the most widely available Coral in the game and is nearly found in all biomes except most harsh ones such as Lost River. They can be found: Crash Zone Mesas Dunes Grassy Plateaus Kelp Forest Kelp Forest Caves Bulb Zone Bulb Zone Caves Mountains Mushroom Forest Mushroom Forest Caves Primary Containment Facility Aquarium Reefback Safe Shallows Safe Shallows Caves
Coral Shell Plate Coral Shell plates appear to have a distinctive plant texture and look like a shelled plate, hence the name of the Coral. They are also found in most parts of the game. They are also easy to identify based on their green plant like pattern. They can be found in the below locations. Floating Island Grassy Plateaus Grassy Plateaus Caves Bulb Zone Mountain Range Caves Mushroom Forest Reefback Safe Shallows Underwater Islands Caves Underwater Islands
Earthern Coral Tubes Earthern Coral Tubes look like an underwater bagpipe and something that you can play a tune on. They have openings at the end and look like a group of pipes. They are mostly located in dark areas such as Grassy Plateaus Bulb Zone Caves Underwater Islands
Giant Coral Tubes You may mistake them for giant underwater logs at first but they are actually Giant Coral Tubes. They have small scales on them as well and look like a log put underwater for a long time. They can be found in Crash Zone Kelp Forest Primary Containment Facility Aquarium Safe Shallows Safe Shallows Caves
Jordi’s Tun Jordi’s Tung are also a distinctive looking Coral species easily known because of their slim character. They look like a lamp with flailing outgrowths out the top. The bottom is blue but it won’t matter much because you are underwater and most of the things around you will also look blue. It can be found in the following locations. Grassy Plateaus Mushroom Forest Primary Containment Facility Aquarium
Pyrocoral Pyrocorals look like small underwater bonfires. They are one of the few Corals located in the most harsh biomes in the game. They are dark grey in color and have green slimy outgrowths on them. They are located in 2 areas in Lost River biome. Junction Mountains Corridor
Slanted Shell Plate Slanted Shell Plate are also widely available in the world of Subnautica. They are slanted to one side and look like slanted stones combined together with a colorful base. You will find them in the following biomes. Crash Zone Mesas Dunes Dunes Caves Grassy Plateaus Grassy Plateaus Caves Kelp Forest Bulb Zone Mushroom Forest Primary Containment Facility Aquarium Reefback Safe Shallows Safe Shallows Caves
Table Coral Table Corals are perhaps the most colorful Corals in the whole game. They come in a variety of colors such as Red, Purple, Blue and Green. You will find these colorful Corals in the following locations. Crash Zone Mesas Grassy Plateaus Kelp Forest Kelp Forest Caves Bulb Zone Mushroom Forest Reefback Safe Shallows Lost River
Tree Mushroom These are giant Corals that look like a tree. On their branches they have outgrowths that look like mushrooms so they are called Tree Mushroom. They are exclusively located in the Mushroom Forest so if you want to see them that is the only place you will be required to head to.
Unnamed Coral Species A The species A is currently not named and it is one of the few unnamed Corals in the game. They look like a moss and appear to be fudgy in texture. They can be found in Deep Sparse Reef Sparse Reef
Unnamed Coral Species B The species B truly look like something that comes from an alien planet. Its electric blue color gives it distinctive look and can be easily seen from a great distance. It is found in one of the most harsh environments in the game, the Lost River.
Unnamed Coral Species C The species C looks like a rock at first. Its texture is just like any normal rock formation so it might take you a bit to distinguish it from a regular rock and the Coral itself. They are exclusively found in Bone Fields Caves, another harsh biome.
Unnamed Coral Species D Another Coral exclusively found in the Lost River, the Species D Coral looks like an alien egg at first sight. It is purplish silver in texture and can be deceiving at first time. It is another one that looks like a Coral straight from an alien environment.
Unnamed Coral Species E The Species D is not yet added in the game so we have no idea where it will spawn if it ever gets added in the game.

This concludes our Subnautica Corals Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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