Years Ago, Gabe Newell From Valve And Nintendo Met To Discuss A Possible Joint Project

Gabe Newell of Valve met with Nintendo years ago, apparently, to discuss the possibility between a Valve and Nintendo joint project. While apparently nothing ever came of that meeting, the possibility of something coming from the joint talents of both companies has a lot of good potential, especially nowadays with both companies.

The meeting wasn’t a recent thing; it took back during the Wii U era, that somewhat dark period in Nintendo’s history where the company was in financial straits due to the Wii U not selling well. According to the source that told us about the meeting, the joint venture unfortunately never went anywhere, and we don’t even really know what Valve and Nintendo had in mind to try and work with.

If anything the two companies might have swapped fortunes over the past few years. While Nintendo is now churning out amazing games constantly and its Nintendo Switch console has far outsold the Wii U within its first year, Valve has almost dropped off the radar when it comes to game development. While the studio is apparently developing a Defense Of The Ancients card game, that’s the only bit of gaming we’ve heard from the company in years.

That game also got a fairly bad reaction from the gamers that it was first exhibited to, as it infamously caused the entire crowd to groan in disappointment. Considering the studio is best-known for its Half Life games (either a third game or a third episode of Half Life 2 has not materialized yet), one would think that Valve would at least be trying to get another Half Life game out. While there was that reveal of a cancelled Half Life 3 synopsis, hopefully Valve won’t just let the series linger permanently on a cliffhanger.

Either way, if Valve and Nintendo ever decide to collaborate in the future, hopefully it results in something great.