Shadow Of Colossus Remake Theme is Free on PS4

With all the hype Shadow Of Colossus is getting because of the positive reviews it has been receiving, it is no wonder that the game just might come through as something that most of the players would enjoy for a long time.

In order to celebrate and capture these positive vibes, Sony is giving away a PS4 Dynamic theme of the Game Shadow of Colossus. Well, not entirely free, there is a little effort to it which is quite simple.

First, what you need to do is to go to PlayStation Live where the game is counting down its launch. There you can complete a very simple task like watch videos about the game. Among those videos is also the Photo mode walkthrough that has been published by Bluepoint a few weeks back.

The Dynamic theme of the game Shadow Of Colossus is very artistic in its essence and is a rendition of Wander and Argo in the foreground. Also, the games’ 16 Colossus are in the background that scroll by and Navigation Bar has the focus set to those incredible Titans.

This Dynamic PS4 theme really captures the essence of the ambient environment, the winds, and the waves will capture your attention providing you the feel of the loneliness of the vast lands that are present in the game as well.

Although it would have been more intense if they had included soundtracks of the game in the theme as well.Other sound effects of switching, selecting tiles in the PlayStation 4 have been taken from the game’s menu sounds.

If you are not aware of the changes they have made in the remake of the game Shadow of Colossus then do give a do give this a read. Apart from the overhauling from PS2 to PS4 there are some really nice changes to the Assets, environment, and character animations have been revamped.

So get your Shadow Of Colossus Dynamic Theme before the game goes live.

The game will be available on PlayStation 4 next week.