One Piece Creator Might Reveal Something Huge About Luffy’s Birth (Spoilers)

Take note that you are not the only one interested in the events surrounding Luffy’s birth in the long-running anime show, One Piece.

The “28th Log Book” was released for the highly acclaimed manga series last week and featured an interview with creator Eiichiro Oda that fans should find very interesting.

When asked about the characters that he would love to go in more detail about in upcoming chapters, Oda responded by naming quite a few before teasing that they all lead in a single direction–the birth of Luffy.

The following translation has been provided by Sandman from the Arlong Park forums.

Well, there is a helpful means named “cover story” in ONE PIECE for that purpose… Anyway, there remain some characters I want to go into detail. It would be interesting if I focus on Marines. I can come up with a magnificent story about Garp. I’d like to draw some relationship and talks between him and Akainu, Aokiji, Smoker, Hina, Coby who joined Marines one after another, Cypher Pol and Roger.

It would also be interesting if i focus on Revolutionary Army, mainly Dragon. Why do they intend to make a revolution? With what belief? How did they meet? The story about Luffy’s birth would be interesting. Many of those stories would be serious.

All of the stories about their lives lead to Luffy!! OK!! I’ll draw Luffy!!

There was a particular fan-theory making rounds on the internet recently that suggested Luffy to have been conceived from Monkey D. Dragon and a Celestial Dragon. Taking into account how the World Nobles resent commoners, they might have either killed or locked away his mother when they came to know of the deed.

This would have left Monkey D. Dragon devastated and very, very angry. It would be why he went on to form the Revolutionary Army against the World Government in revenge, passing Luffy off to his own father Monkey D. Garp for safe-keeping.

Hence, Luffy, a noble by right, grew up completely unaware about his real parentage, bloodline, and power.

The whole fan-crafted theory certainly appears plausible and might be what Oda teased over here. The matter of Luffy’s birth is suddenly being brought up everywhere by fans. Perhaps Oda believes that it is finally time to reveal the mystery in the coming chapters.