EA Delays Bioware’s Anthem, Instead A New Battlefield Game Will Be Coming This Year

There have been some previous reports that just came true; Electronic Arts has confirmed that the awaited Bioware’s Anthem has been delayed for a year and instead they will be releasing yet another Battlefield game. So that’s a great news for the Battlefield fans.

EA has confirmed this news officially that Bioware’s Anthem will probably be released in the first quarter of 2019 or fourth quarter of the 2019s Fiscal year. Electronic Arts said that this shifting of the date is due to the schedule adjustment of the game’s development.

On the other hand, according to Wall Street Journal, this delay of the game Anthem is not because of any development issue but rather because EA wants to release the Battlefield game which has been now scheduled for this October.

Earlier this month the video game site Kotaku published a report that discussed the delay of the game. To that EA’s CFO Blake Jorgensen has replied that it is just another way to make different stories. According to EA, the BioWare’s upcoming game Anthem has not been delayed but rather the dates have been switched with the Battlefield game.

Companie’s Executives believe that releasing both of these games at a specific time is very crucial. According to them, the game Anthem would be better off if released in the quieter quarter of the year whereas Battlefield would probably serve better this year.

Initial plans for the new Bioware game show that it was scheduled for 2018 yet EA still refers to it as not a delay. With all that said BioWare has increased its focus on Anthem for the early 2019 release.

The previous Battlefield 1 that came in 2016, set in WWI will also be receiving its final DLC update Apocalypse as well.

The online multiplayer game Anthem will be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in early 2019.