Destiny 2 XP Bar Bug Needs A HotFix, Fix Expected to Arrive Tomorrow

This is not the first time Destiny 2 is facing these small bugs. Bungie has had a fair share of apologies for those as well. The XP bar Bug that players are encountering is; when they view their XP gains through any application using the Destiny 2’s API the total XP points are not displayed correctly.

Recently Bungie has been fixing some major bugs in the game Destiny 2, like the removal of the scaling system that was limiting the progress and the most recent issue with Bungie intentionally throttling XP gains, but there is yet another issue that needs fixing.

Although this may not be a huge problem, still it needs fixing as most of the players are not happy with it. That is probably because of the Bug fixing reputation Bungie has been building.

The Update 1.1.2 that has been live since Tuesday was to fix multiple issues but it was basically meant to reduce the XP amount which is required to earn Illuminated Engrams. The reduction was 160,000 to 120,000. However, the change did not take place but rather increased the XP amount to 240,000. This change has been experienced by many players.

Bungie’s dmg0 replied in regards to this issue on Reddit that this problem has been taken care off within the Game. There was an errant server flag that was causing the issues with the XP gains. This flag issue has now been removed and now it will properly require 120k XP points in order to rank up.

Bungie has verified this fix with the Player Support team which has performed multiple tests to verify it. Although Destiny’s Item Manager may still be showing the XP gains incorrectly up to 240,000 XP, it will still require the correct 120,000 points to rank up.

In order to get rid of this bug, a HotFix is required. Luckily Bungie is optimistic that this HotFix can take place as soon as tomorrow.

With the Crimson Days Event launching in February it would be really good if this irritating bug is also dealt with so the players may unlock new items.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.