Star Wars Battlefront 2 Single Player Has Been Played by a Lot of Players

If any game is keeping the single player mode alive it is the Battlefront 2 (based on stats atleast). According to a recent announcement by Electronic Arts regarding their Q3 2018 financial result, it turns out that Battlefront 2 has had 70% of players in its single-player campaign.

That is something really interesting. With all the increasing global online gaming there is a major chunk that still has its eyes set on single player mode.

Few things that made the 2015s Star Wars Battlefront notorious was the lack of content it has to offer. With very few maps, missing campaign and some other stuff really got the players angry.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 however, getting a direct response to fan feedback really stepped up the level. Making a lot of changes using all the complaints and offering the free seasons of additional DLC content for everyone has been something that really pushed the single-player mode to its original potential.

The Plot of the game is pretty interesting. We have in focus the Imperial commander Iden Versio and her experiences after the destruction of second Death Star. As the player progresses in the game following her story, one gets to encounter familiar characters.

You also get a chance to play some of those characters. Battlefront 2 single player mode has a very compelling narrative, distinct characters and, rest assured the story is a Stars Wars story. There is this one scene that shows the regime very similar to Nazi Regime which is something very fascinating.

The production of the Battlefront 2 was not something just to appease the fans. After playing the single mode story one can confidently say that the developers have spent a considerate amount of time on this section of the game.

Good news is that the story of the game will be expanded as additional chapters will soon be added through DLCs. If you have any ounce of Single player love for games then do give this game a shot that is if you have not yet played it.

If you give the game a try then do check out the top 10 mods for Battlefront 2 as well. Stars Wars: Battlefront 2 is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One.