ASIC Miner Might Be The Answer To GPU Shortage Due To Cryptocurrency Mining

GPU shortage in the market has become a problem for PC enthusiasts and gamers due to the price hike of GPUs caused by the shortage. This shortage has been going on because of the cryptocurrency mining as miners tend to grab every GPU as soon as it becomes available, however, ASIC Miner might be the answer to this GPU shortage.

GPU manufacturers, AMD and Nvidia, have been trying to get the situation under control and also announced a solution for cryptocurrency mining solution within the GPUs itself last year but, we are yet to see any implications of that. Nvidia has also asked retailers to prioritize gamers over miners.

However, ASIC Miners on the other hand could be the solution to this whole GPU shortage epidemic. But first, let’s talk about what an ASIC Miner is.

The GPUs and CPUs in our systems are designed to execute a number of functions and that is why they are so useful for a wide variety of tasks and that is why they are this much efficient at mining Cryptocurrency. However, ASIC Miners are basically barebone computer systems which have no display port or any other function but to mine Cryptocurrency.

This machine’s sole function to mine cryptocurrency makes it much more efficient compared to even the most high-end GPUs and CPUs in the market. Check out the video below to understand how these ASIC Miners work and how efficient these machines are compared to GPUs and CPUs.

However, the price for these machines might be a big hurdle for the Cryptocurrency miners as each ASIC Miner can cost to multi-thousand dollars. But then again, those who can buy more than a couple $1200 GPU for mining could easily afford this machine.

Also, these machines aren’t readily available in the market and can only be purchased through a pre-order. Furthermore, the gap between pre-ordering and the delivery could span to months and by the time this machine arrives, it might not be profitable anymore.

Also, as you will notice in the video below, courtesy of Linus Tech, these Mining systems are too loud. So if you can bear the price, wait, noise and the tremendous electricity consumption of these mining systems, then these machines might be for you.

However, the greatest advantage of these systems will be the end of GPU shortage in the market if Cryptocurrency miners are inclined towards using these machines. Which in turn will gradually drop the prices for the graphics card in the market making them return to their MSRP prices.

The reason why cryptocurrency miners might want to shift toward these mining systems is that these systems have a better chance of going in profit compared to a whole bunch of high-end GPUs in the current difficult to mine cryptocurrency.

I am no cryptocurrency expert but, the way things are going, I don’t see the trend of Cryptocurrency Mining slowing down anytime soon as some countries have even officially recognized digital currency like Bitcoin such as Japan.

Recently, Japanese real estate company Yitanz revealed that the company has sold a small commercial building in Tokyo for 547 bitcoins which is currently is equivalent to $ 6 million.

Also, the difficulty to mine the digital currency has been increasing at a steady pace which will make mining the digital currency even more difficult to mine with GPUs and CPUs and these ASIC Miners might be the future of cryptocurrency mining and the solution to the GPU shortage epidemic.

What do you think of the ASIC miners? Could these mining machines end the GPU shortage and price hike? Let us know in the comments.