Xbox Game Pass is a Good Opportunity for Single-Player Games: Spencer

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer believes that Xbox’s new “Netflix for Games” type subscription service, Xbox Game Pass will prove really beneficial for single-player in an industry that said to be increasingly hostile towards narrative-driven single-player games.

There are so far over a 100 titles in the subscription service and Microsoft has said that the subscribers to the Game Pass would get all first-party Microsoft titles on their launch day. Meaning you’ll get access to Sea of Thieves in March, State of Decay 2 in spring. In addition to any future launching Halo or Forza titles.

Phil Spencer tweeted out that “I see XGP as both. The value is pretty obvious for some. And the idea of a new model that could open up opportunities for creativity is where I think we’ll end up. Especially for SP games. That’s what the model has done in TV but it’s not an exact analogy”.

Phil Spencer’s has raised many people’s interests, possibly helping many studios who want to continue to make single-player focused story games like Uncharted or Last of Us instead of big, open multiplayer or co-op experiences like EA is pushing with Star Wars Battlefront 2 or developer Bungie is with the Destiny series.

He says in a later tweet that, “We have a lot of interest from studios who want to see how our recent announcement plays out. We’ll lead with our 1P but behaving XGP turn into a model for more studios is our a goal.”

It’s interesting to see how this work out in the long run with single-player games requiring higher and higher budgets and becoming less profitable in the long run when compared with online-focused titles.

To get the subscription service Xbox Game pass, you’ll have to cough up $9,99 per month and its important to note that the games aren’t streamed but directly downloaded on the console and available with full offline and online functionality.