Shadow Of Colossus Remake: What Has Changed?

We all know that Shadow of Colossus is getting a remake which comes out on February 6th. But what has changed? What does Shadow Of Colossus Remake offers? Well, there are multiple things that have been changed for the better.

The basic essence of the game has been kept alive as it still captures a romantic feel that it once had, but this time it comes with new and better technology. The game has been overhauled from its PlayStation 2 version to PlayStation 4 which is a huge jump when it comes to the changes in the manner of its appearance.

Assets, environment, and character animations, everything has been revamped. Even the particle system has been changed for the better. A lot more has been re-engineered for the remastering of the game.

Other changes include the remapping of controls, nothing major, just a few changes in order to make the gameplay more user-friendly. It still keeps the original feel of the game when playing intact. For example, when mounting agro or aiming bow has been improved in context to the controls keeping in mind the camera orientation.

One problem that was present in the previous version of Shadow of Colossus was the framerate, especially, when fighting the giant colossus there seemed to be a lot of disorientation.

This time a performance mode option will be given to the players that will allow them to choose a 60 fps framerate setting. This change has made a huge improvement in gameplay and the fighting sequence.

The other one is the Cinematic mode with 30 fps framerate that allows a higher resolution and 4K rendering. Next, we have the Photo mode which is very interesting as that allows you to view the environment up close with multiple filters that are left for you to choose from.

On top of that, the most interesting thing is that you can apply the filters or customize the colors to your liking and play the whole game with that; so this means that you can choose your own appearance that is emotionally significant for you.

Check out the video above to know more about the changes devs made.