Players Are Removing the PUBG Miramar Map From The Rotation

Players of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are apparently fed up with the new PUBG Miramar map, and have even gone so far as to remove the map files from their games just to avoid having to play on it. Miramar came out a short time before the game released on the Xbox One.

Miramar is the second PlayerUnknown’s Battleground map to be added to the game, after the island map of Erangel. Miramar is a desert map filled, much like Erangel, with a number of abandoned structures to allow players to take shelter or grab loot. However, it doesn’t have the same terrain as Erangel, as there aren’t many forests meaning players are much more exposed.

While there’s no specific reason stated as to why the PUBG Miramar map is so unpopular, players are now taking it upon themselves to remove Miramar’s files from the game entirely in order to play on it. While this isn’t the most optimal solution (at least until there’s an actual map selection option in the game), it’s something that’s fairly quick and easy for people to do.

In order to remove Miramar from your game’s map rotation, you have to go into the game files (through steamapps > common > PUBG > TslGame > Content > Paks). Inside the Paks folder, you’ll find four different desert .pak files. Removing all of these will essentially remove Miramar from the game, and when the game tries to send you there it will automatically quit to the main menu.

While it’s not the most optimal solution, not having to play the PUBG Miramar map if you don’t want to is worth the few seconds that it takes to log into another game that might be on Erangel.

If you’re not confident in your ability to find the .pak files on your own, you can follow this link to get to a Github link that will do it for you.