Gran Turismo 7 Might Be The Next Gran Turismo Game, And It Might Also Have Motorcycles

Four months after Gran Turismo Sport has been released, series creator Kazunori Yamauchi has said that the next game in the Gran Turismo series might be a return to form, being called Gran Turismo 7 and it might even have more than cars in it, in the form of motorcycles.

Gran Turismo Sport was a bit of an out of the ordinary sort of Gran Turismo game, as it revolved around esports and lacked a lot of the sorts of qualities that were available in previous Gran Turismo games, such as dynamic weather and a day-night cycle. If a Gran Turismo 7 is actually made, the game will hopefully be more like the other Gran Turismo games.

However, even if a new Gran Turismo game is a return to form, that doesn’t mean it’ll be entirely different. Yamauchi has said that the new game might also have motorcycles, something that hasn’t happened in a Gran Turismo game before. While vehicles other than high performance sports cars have appeared in Gran Turismo’s chief rival Forza, those sorts of things haven’t made an appearance in a Gran Turismo game before.

Gran Turismo Sport was the first Gran Turismo game to be released in several years, with the last game, Gran Turismo 6, coming out in 2014. Gran Turismo Sport also didn’t have anywhere near the number of cars that Gran Turismo 6 had, with 6 having over a thousand cars, while Sport only has around a hundred.

Yamauchi’s assertion that a Gran Turismo 7 might be in the works is also interesting in that it contradicts a previous statement that he made, where he said that Gran Turismo Sport was a fully-fledged Gran Turismo game that might as well have been Gran Turismo 7.

Either way, if Gran Turismo 7 ends up being developed and ends up having motorcycles put in it, hopefully it’ll be the best Gran Turismo game yet.