Fortnite Just Might Be Coming On Nintendo Switch

Fortnite has been crushing everything in its path and its free to play Battle Royale mode has made its popularity rise. With that said, Epic Games has shown its interest in getting the game on Nintendo Switch as well for future reference.

A user shared his concern with the creative director Donald Mustard of Epic Games on Twitter; that he has been playing the game on multiple consoles but what he would really love is to play Fortnite on Nintendo Switch. That would be something not only this one user wants.

To this, Donald Mustard replied positively that he is very hopeful because of the successes of the game and there is a huge possibility of the game to also be appearing on Switch. That he himself wants it to happen but it seems as if it won’t be coming anytime soon.

You all must be aware that Koei Tecmo company also shared its interest to work with Nintendo Switch.  This Year Nintendo Switch has surpassed Xbox and mobiles as well in terms of developer interests.

On the other hand, Epic Games have let go of Paragon series or good to focus on Fortnite.

So altogether on seeing the connection with the rise of Fornite and great fanbase for Nintendo Switch it doesn’t seem distant that these two will be combined together.

The game is already on most of the platforms Microsoft, Mac-OS, PlayStation, and XBox and it has excelled on each.

So seeing it on Switch will be something that the Nintendo users will enjoy for a long time because we all know Fornite is not something to be missed.