Fake Playstation Plus Games For February Revealed; Dark Souls And Far Cry Aren’t Coming

Last week, a supposed leak was given out that Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin, and Far Cry 4 were both going to be the Playstation Plus games for February. However, it turns out that those were actually fake Playstation Plus games; whatever they’re going to be in February, it’s not those two.

Playstation Plus games have often been criticized by the fanbase for a perceived lack of quality, though for the past few months there have been some better games. January’s games were Batman: The Telltale Series and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, but it appears that so far February isn’t going to have that same sort of quality, though we don’t know the actual games yet.

For many gamers who were wanting more Triple-A games to be available in Playstation Plus’s free games catalogue, the fake Playstation Plus games leak marked the possibility of two months of fairly high-quality games. However, it seems like that’s not happening with the reveal that the listing was fake.

Considering that we only have two days until the end of January, one would think that Playstation would want to show what the new games are going to be on Playstation Plus for February, but so far it seems like that isn’t going to happen, unless Sony decides to announce them at some point either in the next two days, or sometime early in January.

Either way, with these fake Playstation Plus games having been outed for what they are, hopefully what we get from the actual official Playstation sources actually turn out to be better than what could have been, or at least just as good. Most of the Playstation Plus games that come up are either indie games or cheap and mediocre titles (though they’ve been getting better over the past year), but if the actual games aren’t good, Playstation may find people wishing the fake games had been legitimate.