Der8auer Makes EPYC CPU Work On An X399 Motherboard

Usually two different CPUs don’t support the same motherboard due to the difference in pins on the motherboard itself, however, Youtuber, Der8auer has partially proved it wrong as he has got EPYC CPU to work on an X399 Motherboard.

As you can see in the video below, Der8auer didn’t exactly make it work but the system boots up all the way to the BIOS memory check. Der8auer discovered that a particular ID pin on EPYC CPU, when covered will let the CPU boot up on an X399 Motherboard.

For those who don’t know, id pins basically control whether or not the sockets should be powering up or not. However, running the CPU on the X399 motherboard doesn’t mean much except revealing that the sockets and pinouts are the same.

Also, if you intend to do it yourself then be careful as detecting the ID pin is a process that requires brute force and could potentially damage the chip if not handled with care. Check out the video below.

In related news, Der8auer has confirmed that EPYC and Threadripper are not the same chips following raising concerns over EPYC chip being repurposed for Threadripper.

The Youtuber had been doing some research determining if EPYC And Threadripper are the same or not. The Youtuber compared the EPYC CPU and a Threadripper 1900x as both are the cheapest variations.

Apparently, both look the same but the PCB for these CPUs start to reveal the main differences. He even did an X-Ray for both chips which makes things more interesting.

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