You Can Get Battlefield 1 for Xbox One For Only $14.99

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Fight in an all-out war as the game is based on some of the history’s greatest conflicts. Battlefield 1 is a first-person shooter game whose developers are the EA DICE and was released by Electronic Arts. Although its name is Battlefield 1 this is the fifteenth sequel in the Battlefield series. The game was released worldwide on 21 October 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

Battlefield 1 is similar to its previous game as the theme of the story is based on the era of World War 1. Players have the opportunity to witness some of the World War 1 weapons which include bolt-action, semi-automatic and automatic rifles, flamethrowers and grenades of those times. New hand to hand combat was also reworked and weapons were also introduced like Sabres, Shovels and Trench Clubs.

Players can also take control of the vehicles and boats which includes Tanks, cars, trucks, torpedo boats, air crafts, Reconnaissance vehicles, airships and also you can ride horses into battle as well. Rest of the features are the same but are little modified you can say like the destructible environments are designed much better than the previous games. You can feel the shiver as you go into battle.

Daniel Berlin who is the game world designer said that the campaign mode has a lot of different things to offer than the previous installment did. In this sequel, if a character dies you will take a role of another one in the game instead of going back to the checkpoint. Either you will play as a flame trooper or as a tank gunner.

Then comes the multiplayer which can comprise of up to 64 players. The squad system is introduced which means that you enter together in a squad and also leave the servers as a squad. Maps include areas of Arabia, Western Fronts, and The Alps. Battlefield 1 multiplayer includes six modes which were Conquest, Deathmatch, Operations, Dominations and others.

Enjoy the game and let us know how you feel about the multiplayer mode?