AMD RX Vega GPUs Nowhere To Be Found, Priority Given To Frontier Edition Graphics Cards

AMD RX Vega GPUs were released in August last year and sold out in a few moments but it has been hard to get your hands on one of these graphics cards ever since. Having that said it might be possible that Frontier Edition is getting priority over the gaming graphics cards.

AMD RX Vega GPUs Out Of Stock Everywhere

AMD RX Vega GPUs have been short in the market before but then the new batch came in and there were a couple of custom models that were announced but getting your hands on either one is close to impossible. Recently AIB partners have claimed that there will be no cards coming out. This makes things pretty confusing.

All retailers show no stock for these graphics cards. Even the retailers that AMD has on the official site do not have the cards available. There are pre-built systems listed on retail sites as well but have not been available for some time.

There is a way of getting an AMD Vega graphics card and that is by buying the Apple iMac Pro. If you really want one then you should be ready to pay $8,260 for the version with eight-core Xeon CPU, 32GB of memory and a 1TB SSD. This would be overkill to say the very least if you are just looking to get an AMD RX Vega graphics card.

If you think that there is some kind of a problem with yield then that is what comes to mind at first but it has been months and yield should have improved by now. The only answer that can explain all this is that priority has been given to Frontier Edition rather than gaming graphics cards which is really a shame as AMD have always claimed to support PC gaming above all else.

Why Is This Happening?

Why is this the case you ask? The answer is simple. When it comes to AIB partners, AMD sends them the GPU and AIB partners slap on their own branding before shipping it out, at least before they make custom coolers of their own. When it comes to the Frontier Edition graphics cards, These are exclusive to AMD. Selling these graphics cards gives AMD flexibility by being able to cut out the middleman.

While this might be speculation, the evidence is there to suggest that this is indeed the case. AMD Vega graphics cards are overpriced as of right now and they are being sold for more than $1000 and the same is the case for Frontier Edition graphics cards. While the price rise can be blamed on miners, they are not the only ones to blame here as GPU manufacturers are not making it any easier either.

As of right now, things suck for gamers but there is little that we can do for right now. If you are willing to wait then you should. It is not the right time to buy a graphics card.

Let us know what you think about the unavailability of AMD RX Vega graphics cards and whether or not you think Frontier Edition is getting any special attention or not.