Stefanie Joosten’s Not So Secret Visit to Guerrilla Games

Stefanie Joosten is working with Guerrilla Games? Well, it seems so. The Dutch model visited Guerrilla Games recently and posted about it on Social Media. The reason for her visit is being kept under wraps but fans speculate that it could be for mo-cap or to discuss a new project.

Either Guerrilla Games has hired Joosten for a new project or the studio is helping Kojima Productions with mo-cap for Death Stranding. Guerrilla Games and Kojima Productions are very close and both studios worked together on modifying GG’s development engine; now known as the DECIME Engine.

It is possible that Guerrilla Games is working with Kojima to help with Death Stranding’s mo-cap process. Still, at this point, we can not say for sure. But if this is the case, it won’t be surprising at all.

Joosten’s inclusion in the project would mean she’ll be working with none-other than Norman Reedus and Guillermo Del Toro.

She made her debut on the gaming scene with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, playing the role of Quiet, a deadly sniper. She won our hearts with her amazing performance as Quiet and fans want to see her work again with Hideo Kojima. There are rumors that Joosten may play a female Ludan in DS.

With that said, we can not role out the possibility that this has nothing to do with Death Stranding, instead, Guerrilla Games is using Stefanie Joosten’s talents for its own project.

For now, we only have the following Tweet to go on so feel free to speculate away:


As far as Death Stranding goes, the title is out of its experimental phase and a release date is expected soon.

Would you like to see Stefanie Joosten in Death Stranding? Do you think Guerrilla Games is working on something new? Share what you make of this in the comments below.