Overwatch Targets Toxic Players, New Update Has Plans To Get Rid Of Them

The Online Multiplayer game Overwatch has been the victim of what they call the Toxicity. One of the major issues because of this is the how Blizzard manages them.

The Vice President and designer of Overwatch have issued a statement on the future plans in the new Developer Update on how they will be taking care of the Toxic Players.

Not recently few of the players also got suspended due to the usage of  Obscene language.

Though now Jeff Kaplan has made it clear that they will not be tolerating such players and their major target is to get rid of them and not only in the Overwatch community but altogether in other games as well.

New features launched by Blizzard helps players who are Non-Toxic understand how reporting Toxic players can help the gaming community as a whole.

When Such type of player gets banned they let know the players who reported them earlier so that such initiative encourages reporting for the system to work.

With all that Jeff Kaplan also emphasizes on that they want the Overwatch community as friendly as possible and for that the actions they have started to work on are showing significant changes.

Something that is worrisome for those Toxic players is that Overwatch is not satisfied with stopping here. There are actually working on targeting these players on social websites (eg: Youtube ) and banning them before they even show up on Overwatch. Now, that’s worrisome.

The Overwatch team seem to be making a lot of efforts for the gaming community but will that take a proper course or is this issue actually that can actually be dealt with will remain a mystery for some time at least.

With Blizzard world also on the rocks, this seems a perfect time to get rid of this issue that seems to take a lot of heat in the community.

Will the Toxic Players strike back that is a question?