The PlayStation Network Server Issue Moves FIFA World Cup To Xbox One

With the recent issue of servers of PlayStation, the FIFA World Cup will now be played on XBox One through XBox Live. As Microsoft is in complete confidence and has provided assurances that their server will not be going down.

The system and the mechanism through which these Servers Work demands a lot of resource utilization. The larger the user base the more pressure it puts on the servers. Microsoft and Sony both have a major stake when it comes to these servers and keeping them aflow.

As these systems are almost piracy free and are pay to play a lot of amounts are paid by the users to experience a proper issue-free gaming. Paid subscriptions whether it is XBox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus assures a proper customer care and when those are not met things can atray badly.

With this issue in the Sony sector, a major chunk of players are unhappy and their reason seems to be valid. Monster Hunter World and Dragon Ball Fighter have also been the victim of this and there is a lot of heat on social websites in regard to this but the biggest setback is of FIFA Community.

With one of the highest grossing game FIFA 18 has crossed 10 million copies, there is a lot of anticipation and with the change of console for the FIFA World Cup which has also been the talk of the town this is something that can shape up to become a bigger problem.

There is always a certain connection of players with the consoles they play and right now those players of PS4 may not be as happy as Sony thinks.

With that said, one can also see this happening that with Microsoft servers onboard and Sony servers down there will certainly be a fall of PlayStation with its fanbase as this issue also affects its reputation in some manner.