Der8auer Confirms EPYC And Threadripper Are Not The Same Chips

Back in 2017 der8auer started a little rumor that AMD might have repurposed the EPYC CPU for its HEDT X399 Platform, however, now der8auer himself revealed that EPYC And Threadripper are not the same and are different in many ways.

Youtuber, der8auer had been doing some research determining if EPYC And Threadripper are the same or not. The youtuber compared the EPYC CPU and a Threadripper 1900x as both are the cheapest variations.

According to der8auer, apparently both look the same but the PCB for these CPUs start to reveal the main differences. He even did an X-Ray for both chips which makes things more interesting as they reveal more differences in both chips. Check out the video below.

The moral of the story is that EPYC And Threadripper are not the same CPUs as der8auer thought before and there are a lot of differences that set both chips apart from each other.

In related news, AMD plans to give the PC enthusiasts a sneak peak of the upcoming Ryzen 2 CPUs at Game Developer Conference next month during its presentation regarding optimizing games for Ryzen CPUs. During the presentation, AMD will reveal details about the upcoming next-generation of Ryzen CPUs.

Ryzen 2 CPUs will feature the updated 12nm production node which will result in improvements, however, don’t expect drastic changes in terms of core and thread-counts.

However, these CPUs will come with higher clock speed, an improved potential for overclocking which might result in increased performance for video games. But, until Ryzen 2 CPUs launch we can only speculate.

Also, AMD has hired Mike Rayfield and David Wang to lead its Radeon Group following the departure of Raja Koduri.

What do you think of EPYC And Threadripper not being the same chip? Are you convinced with der8auer method? Let us know in the comments.