Cyberpunk 2077 Animations to be “Stunning”

It is a fact that we don’t know much about Cyberpunk 2077 but at least we know that its visuals are going to be stunning. According to a recent job listing by CD Projekt RED, the developer is looking for animation artists to create “stunning’ animations for its games.

The most notable title in development right now is Cyberpunk 2077. Considering how great The Witcher 3 looked, the next CD RED game is expected to be even better in terms of animations and overall graphics. The following is the new CD RED job listing:

As an Animation Programmer you will be responsible for extending and maintaining the code of our animation technology, tools and pipelines. We are seeking for a gifted programmer to develop progressive animation systems for broad-scale games. Working closely with the animators, character artists, designers and AI programmers you should have a positive attitude and skills to effectively cooperate in a team. You will have the opportunity to develop stunning animation features for our games. If you are able to communicate with people as efficiently as you do with your computer, join us!

Apart from the visuals, music is one of the primary areas of attention. Developers are putting serious effort into making sure they put out something that has never been heard before. According to the man behind the music of Cyberpunk, devs are looking for music that is created in 2077, something that is way ahead of its time.

Among the qualities of The Witcher 3, its music was probably the best one. Going by that standard, Cyberpunk should offer something very unique.

We don’t have a release date for the game but it is confirmed that the title is already in a playable state. CD RED’s official Twitter account recently came back to alive after 3 years, hinting that news is coming.