Dragon Age 4 Wishlist – What We Would Like to See

Recently Mark Darrah announced that BioWare is currently working on a new Dragon Age game. At the moment, as we know that BioWare has been busy with making Anthem which recently got delayed as well.

Therefore, is there a specific reason for this delay or BioWare just wants to work on making it better, only time will tell us. Below we have a small list of things that we want to see in the new Dragon Age game and we hope that BioWare listens to fan feedback this time while developing the game.

So far, our only confirmed lead about the game development is Mark Darrah’s latest tweet in which he mentions that he is the Executive Producer of both Anthem and Dragon Age and the studio is busy working on both franchises.

What We Want from the Next Dragon Age Game

This gives us a very clear lead that BioWare is indeed working on a new Dragon Age game and we do not know that correct name for the next installment as well. We hope that we will get to see something of the new game at E3 this year or we may even get some gameplay videos in the near future that will give us a bit of information about the new game.

Last year, the Dragon Age’s Creative Director, Mike Laidlaw, who has been working for BioWare for a very long time, left the studio and we were not sure if we will ever see a new Dragon Age game because with Anthem the Studio seems to be taking a new path of gaming.

However, with the recent announcements, we are pretty satisfied that all is not lost and the studio is still taking Dragon Age seriously. As we patiently wait for more information about the game, we have listed some most wanted things that we want to see in the new Dragon Age game. We have detailed them below.

Open-World Greatness

Inquisition’s world was huge, immersive and more importantly, open in real terms. We could explore every nick and corner of the world at our pleasure and we will find the place lively because BioWare made the world very immersive. We want the same experience but even bigger and better with the next Dragon Age game.

This should not end just with Inquisition. The open and immersive world was the main reason it is so far the best series in the franchise. We loved everything the open world had to offer, the side quests, the exploration and the story and we want it to return in the new game more refined and improved.

Improved Parties

We would like to have deeper bonds with the party that we explore the world of Dragon Age with. Currently, the best party-bonding example comes from Mass Effect 2. It really made the story even better because we knew what every party member had to go through to reach us and become what they are today.

Helping them out in personal matters also took this another level. We would love to see this level of part member involvement in the story as it will make the story more immersive and would give us more reasons to love the characters that we explore the world with.

Make Story More Dependent on our Choices

Games such as Telltale and Heavy Rain were amazing because we felt that every decision we made was tailoring the main story of the game. We would love such level of control over the story in Dragon Age as well. In early Dragon Age titles, we were given choices and the choices we made had a very little effect on the story overall.

In the new game, however, we would like to really craft our own story based on our decisions and choices. This will greatly increase player interest in the story because they will know that each decision that they take will make their unique destiny.

More about Solas and Tevinter Imperium

In the Trespasser DLC, we were introduced to Solas and Tevinter Imperium. However, in the end, we were left with so many questions that we never got answers to. This might be because Tevinter Imperium was meant to be the setting of the next Dragon Age game.

Whatever might be the case, we would love to continue the story from where it was left. Leaving these cliffhangers as they are will leave many things unanswered and we do not want that.

This concludes our wishlist for the new Dragon Age game. This is not our first time that we get to know about a new Dragon Age game as last year Alexis Kennedy who is the founder of Failbetter Games already mentioned about a new Dragon Age game.

Dragon Age: Inquisition was an amazing game and we cannot wait to play the new game that BioWare plans to launch. The studio needs to pick up its pace because, with the fail of the Mass Effect: Andromeda, BioWare has many angry fans to make happy again.

Did we miss what you want to see in the new Dragon Age game? If yes then tell us what you want to see in the new Dragon Age game in the comments section below!