Research: 1 In 10 Developers Will Use Loot Boxes, Increasing Development Costs to Blame

Loot Boxes and Microtransactions in the Games have increased significantly over the past few years. Most of the Games have lost a significant amount of player base due to the presence of Loot Boxes in the games.

The rising controversy on this matter has shed light on whether this is a platform for gambling or not? It has also raised concern about whether it should be included video games and if so, how should they be handled?

Even though there is a major chunk player that do not prefer paying for item crates in the game, recent study results show that 1 in 10 developers will be using the Loot Boxes in their next games.

According to a research from Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2018, over 4000 developers have been the part of this where their platform launch plans and business models were the prime focus.

Although many developers showed they’re concerned about the way these Loot Boxes are used and that they will be only offering cosmetic items only. Still, 11% of those understudies have plans to include Loot Boxes.

The results of the research showed that approximately half of the developers made it clear that their next game would be pay to play.

Still, 23% did say that they would be only taking payments for downloadable content updates and 22% said that they will be using Microtransactions in the games.

Many Games have suffered the loss of player base due to the usage of such methods, for example, Star Wars Battlefront that had to remove its Microtransactions due to the massive outrage of the fans. This is not the case for this game the outrage seemed to reach the other games as well like Destiny 2 and Shadow of War.

Not only that the sales of many games have also dropped significantly, for example, Stars Wars Battlefront 2 which was down by 60% compared to its previous parts.

The Former Creative Director of the Unchartered series Amy Hennig said that these loot boxes are a result of the Rising costs of the Industry. Also if you guys know or not the Monster Hunter World by Capcom made it clear that they have no interest in looting their gamers.

They might not have any intentions but it seems to be that these Boxes might be staying for some time now.

Source: Gamasutra