Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Siege PS4 Pro and Xbox One X Updates Are in the Pipeline

Since the release of Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Seige in 2015, the game has been receiving some really good updates throughout. After all the new maps and agents, this time they have enhancements updates for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

Something that has been on the mind of most of the players is the iterative consoles, whether the updates would touch up the game for the iterative consoles or not? While the updates are coming, we don’t know when.

No proper ETA time is specified for this update but they mentioned that it is the priority agenda on their development roadmap.

Last Year, Ubisoft was very satisfied with the result of the global registered Player Base of Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Seige that passed the 25 million marks. The Brand Director Alexandre Remy emphasized that the durability has always been the prime target of the Development Team. One of the factors that matter here is support for the mid-gen consoles.

On top of that, if you guys remember the News about the Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak Event that is coming which will be bringing a new mode and exclusive cosmetics. But we do have some bad news, the Pricing will be changed in the Rainbow Six Seige’s edition to match Season 3 Updates.

Ubisoft is changing the pricing structure of Rainbow Six Seige, what that means is the price of the game would rise somewhere about $20 for our average buyers. This will take effect on February 13th, 201.

The Standard Editon of Seige will become the Advanced Edition and the price will change up from about $40 to $60.

Rainbow Six Siege is now available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.