Shazam! Movie Will Cross Paths With Henry Cavill’s Superman – Report

There is still a lot that needs to be revealed for the upcoming Shazam! movie but the word on the street for now is that it will feature Superman.

According to a new report from Revenge of the Fans earlier today, Henry Cavill will be making an appearance in the new superhero project that is being helmed by director David Sandberg.

The decision was apparently made after the resurrection of Superman in Justice League left an impression on Warner Bros. and other officials internally involved. The notion quickly moved to where the Kryptonian could be placed next in the DC Extended Universe.

Man of Steel 2 is yet to even take off the ground and we are probably looking at a release in about three years. Hence, there was no way that Henry Cavill–Superman–would be idling his time away until then. The earliest appearance that Warner Bros. could muster for the superhero was in the upcoming Shazam! movie next year.

Unfortunately, there is no confirmation on how large or small a role Superman will be playing. For the time being, it does look to be just a cameo for the fans.

Superman and Shazam have come into contact several times in the comic books and developed respect along the way, even coming in to rescue each other in certain arcs. In fact, the alter ego of Shazam, William Joseph “Billy” Batson, is actually a great fan of Superman and aspires to be like him.

On that note, we are probably going to see a similar setup in the movie to get things rolling; such as Billy coming across Superman before he obtained his powers. However, fans would likely be hoping to see Superman and Shazam cross paths in a duel instead.

The Shazam! movie is set to be released in theaters on April 5, 2019.