For Honor Season 5 Will Be Adding Dedicated Servers, Balancing, Quality Of Life Improvements

For Honor Season 5, known as the Season of Wolves, is going to be launching on February 15. While it doesn’t have any new player classes this time around, players will be getting a large number of quality-of-life improvements including dedicated servers, hero balancing, matchmaking, and more when the update comes around

The news of dedicated servers is sure to delight For Honor fans, especially since the game originally launched back in 2017 with point-to-point servers, which caused the game’s servers to be rather patchy when it came to gameplay. Along with the addition of dedicated servers, five of the game’s hero characters will be getting major updates, including the Kensei, Conqueror, Highlander, Berserker, and Nobushi.

Each of these five heroes will be adjusted in order to better reflect the game’s changing meta. The Kensei and Conqueror will both be getting new movesets and animations, while the other three classes will receive other meaningful changes to their balance. The game’s other heroes will also be receiving various balance changes throughout For Honor Season 5, meaning that the Centurion, Gladiator, and the other classes will be getting similar adjustments.

In addition to hero adjustments, players will also be given even more new customization options, meaning that players will have even more cool armor accoutrements to buy and earn throughout their play. While the grinding might be as tedious, at least they’re all free unless you want to speed things up.

Yet another addition in For Honor Season 5 will be three different training modes that novice players can use to get better at the game. The Apprentice and Warrior trials will pit players against training bots so that they can learn how to play the game, and an Arena mode that lets you practice against certain classes is also getting added.

The new season will be coming out on February 15, and you can see its trailer above.