Final Fantasy XV Royale Edition Pre Order Open At Amazon

Final Fantasy XV Royale Edition will be releasing on 6 March 2018. You can pre-order this game from the Amazon for both Xbox and PlayStation 4 for a low price of $49.99.

In Final Fantasy XV, you will take the role of Prince Noctis from whom his right to rule was taken away. Now he and his closest friends will join together and take back their Fallen Kingdom. This is a role-playing action video game in which you will play in an open world environment. The developer and publisher of the game, Square Enix, released the game two years ago to critical acclaim.

Final Fantasy XV revolves around the world of Eros as our hero Noctis along with his companions Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto navigate. You can roam either on foot or in a Party’s car “Regalia” or “Chocobo’s” which are the fictional birds used for the Final Fantasy series. Fast travel is also available in this game but only for those areas that are unlocked.

You can visit different towns, inns with your friends and even hotels where you can stay, shops for different items with the in-game currency. You also get your experience upgraded every battle you do, but you cant level up automatically for that you need to travel to a place known as the “Havens”.

The characters also have a set of other unusual skills that will be used often in the game as they travel a lot. Noctis has the skill of fishing, Gladius will have the survival skills, Ignis has the cooking and Prompto takes the photos of the group during their journey. All of these skills also improves with the usage, the more you use the more these skills get polished.

On 30th March 2016 different updates were given to the Final Fantasy XV game in which instead of releasing new games they expanded the storyline with New Titles linked to the Final Fantasy XV storyline. This Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition gives new features such as first-person mode, new villains, new maps, and gears. Now you can also control the Royal Vessel and explore freely.

That was all about the game and one more thing is that Final Fantasy XV is going to release for PC in the coming time. Also, there had been a leaked information about Final Fantasy Versus XV.

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