After 5 Months of Its Release NBA 2K18 is Still a Broken Mess: VC, Corrupted Files, and More Issues Still to Be Resolved

Ever since the release of NBA 2K18, we have been keeping a close eye on it. It had many issues and to us, it was an elaborate cash grab scam. Fans faced many issues including lost VC, corrupted save files, missing characters and more. One would assume that by now 2K would have fixed these issues but sadly, they are still a pain.

What makes matters worse is that many have waited for weeks without any communication. Just one look at the Twitter feed of 2K Support shows how frustrated the community is. Players are still complaining about the same problems they were 5 months ago. On top of these, there are regular server-side issues.

Since the game’s release, a number of patches came out that made improvements to the roster but not many actually addressed the issues players faced.

NBA 2K18 issues have not only hurt the franchise but 2K’s own reputation is severely dented. The outcry died out over time but the problem persists for those who are still playing.

November, December, October, and in January tells the same story. It is odd that such a major IP with millions of dollars in investment behind it is in such a bad shape since its release. It seems most of the budget went to paid reviews rather than actual development and servers of NBA 2K18.