Sea Of Thieves Closed Beta Is Now Underway, “Too Early” Error To Be Fixed Soon

The very first Sea of Thieves Closed Beta has rolled out today on both PC and Xbox One. While it’s the first time we are able to see the game in action on video and streaming platforms even if we can’t play it yet, there were, as expected, a few issues as soon as the beta started.

Probably due to the big amount of players logging in as soon as the Sea of Thieves Closed Beta started, some of them got locked out, getting a “Too Early” message. Rare has promised that a fix for this issue will be added to the game in a few hours. Their answer on Reddit was:

Hello there pirates, thank you so much for your patience. We are aware that there are some players who are being affected by the, ‘Too Early’ error and we are working really hard to find a resolution for this.

As soon as there is an update, we will let you know what the resolution or fix is. Again, thank you for your patience!

EDIT: Good news! For those currently experiencing the “Too Early” error in our Closed Beta, a fix will be rolled out for you in the next few hours! We’ll let you know when this goes live. Thanks for hanging in there, pirates!

As expected, there were fans that were disappointed that they couldn’t play the game right away and asked Rare to extend the Sea of Thieves Closed Beta by a day so that everyone who was waiting to play it will get the chance to do so. The company hasn’t given an official statement yet but a beta extension doesn’t seem like a viable idea right now.

Sea Of Thieves Closed Beta timing and update are the following:

  • EST: 7am 24 Jan to 3am 29 Jan
  • CST: 6am 24 Jan to 2am 29 Jan
  • PST: 5am 24 Jan to 12am 29 Jan
  • CET: 8am 24 Jan to 9am 29 Jan

Xbox One owners will get a day early access before it is available on other platforms and the game will also be included in Xbox Game Pass since its launch day. The release of the full game is dated March 20th on Xbox One and PC.