Pick Up Tretch Craventail Along With The Tomb Kings In Total War Warhammer 2 Update

Total War Warhammer 2 gained five new Legendary Lords when Rise of the Tomb Kings released; while four were Tomb Kings, we also gained another Skaven in the form of Tretch Craventail, the chieftain of the Clan Rictus. Tretch is the first legendary lord for one of the game’s initial races.

Tretch Craventail is the chieftain of the relatively small Skaven clan of Clan Rictus, not as prestigious and powerful as other Council of Thirteen clans like Mors or Pestilens, but apparently major enough to try and enter the race to the Vortex themselves. Craventail originally started out as a nobody in the clan, but quickly rose through the ranks as he engineered various accidents and tricks in order to rise up through the ranks until he finally became clan chieftain.

Craventail’s main strengths are in running, or rather running away and then turning back to the fight when the enemy’s guard is down. Players will find that when retreating his Skaven are much faster than normal fleeing Skaven, and will also get attack bonuses when fighting from ambush or when fighting a battle after initially retreating. Along with that, he also gets vanguard deployment for his entire army, meaning they can deploy much closer to the enemy than normal. Players will also get public order bonuses when breaking treaties, when playing as Clan Rictus.

However, you might want to be careful if you try and play as Craventail; he’s surrounded by Dark Elves, so you might be in for a fight no matter what your plans are as him. Thankfully you’re a good distance away from Malekith and Morathi, so you should be able to expand through the minor Dark Elf factions in your game.

In the meantime, if Tretch Craventail isn’t your style of play, try out the Tomb Kings and see how you like them.