Nintendo is Pulling the Plug on Miitomo

Nintendo announced today that it will be officially shutting down Miitomo, its first foray into the increasingly saturated smartphone app market.

According to a statement on Miitomo’s official English language site, the smartphone app will “end its service at 12:00 AM (PDT) on 5/9/2018”.

However, until the apps official closure date; Nintendo has said it will offer users “daily login bonuses of Miitomo coins and game tickets” so that users can continue to “play Miitomo Drop and use other features such as the Miitomo shop”.

Nintendo also said in a blog post on their Japanese site that they will be ceasing the future sale of “Miitomo Coin” effectively today and that they will also issue users of the app refunds if they have any unused Miitomo Coins after the service is terminated.

For the uninitiated, Miitomo is a freemium social networking smartphone app developed by Nintendo for iOS and Android devices released back in 2016.

Although it received over 10 million downloads a month after its initial release, even briefly overtaking Snapchat in US App Store; it was later observed however that only one-fourth of those who had downloaded the app were even using it regularly.

The Miitomo app allowed users create their own avatars, similar to Xbox Live and also send messages to each other. The app also lets you post selfies and other pictures to your social media accounts.

Nintendo later ventures into the smartphone market, however, proved much more lucrative and beneficial.

Their Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp game released on IOS and Android devices proved to be a big hit and cash cow for Nintendo, even outperforming Nintendo’s first game on the smartphone market Super Mario Run, despite it having fewer downloads.

The app even managed to make it into the App Store’s top 10 highest grossing title list.
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