Latest FIFA 18 Update Removes The Infamous”Kick-Off Glitch”, Defense Now Even More Stronger

Remember all the Goals you got hit by right after the Kick-off in FIFA 18? Well, that won’t be the case anymore. The New FIFA 18 Update has eradicated that glitch by; making the defense more compact than before.

This FIFA 18 Glitch was used by many as an advantage right after the Kick-off. There was a proper sequence to it. After the whistle blows if you pass the ball to you first midfielder then to your fullback, then sending it to either your right or left player giving it to your winger who was already on the run.

A perfect cross and from there onwards, all it needed was a header and the Ball was in. This was an exploitation that took EA long enough to get rid off.

After the kickoff FIFA 18, the attacking players have now been made less aggressive in pushing the opponent players up the field. The Gap between the defensive players will now narrow as players will reduce the gap to limit the attacking team’s space.

Described in the Full Patch Notes of the Game, multiple other small issues and bugs have also been dealt with. Along with some adjustments to the Goal Keeper`s unnecessary ball clearance.

Other changes have been made in the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) regarding the Champions League Matches with all the matches now being in FeWC Stadium, the Time Of Day always set to Night and Weather set to clear. Some pre-match screen adjustments.

Some improvements of the Online Modes address the Colours of Connection Quality Bars and player’s Pro Clubs Virtual Pro bugs. Slight updates to the Audio and Visual appearance as well.

Something to speculate here is whether this improvement will affect the Exceeding Sales of FIFA or will it continue to grow.

These Updates have rolled out for PC only but will roll out for PS4 and XBox One soon.